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List of Companies We Proudly Represent

Company Name Country Product Line & Applications
ANDERSON POWER PRODUCTS USA Connector for Computer & Battery Vehicle
BUSSMANN USA Fuse & Fuse Accessories
Cooper Wiring Devices USA Connector for Medical Device
FIL-TECH, INC. USA Ion Gauge for Vacuum Chamber used on Semiconductor Mfg Equipment
Franklab France Detergent for Glass, Food, Silicon Wafer, Medical, and Nuclear Plant. TFD7, TFD4, TFD@4,TFDOW, TFDN
GENERAL DEVICES USA Slide Rails for Computer
Hagitec Co., Ltd. Japan Fiber optics Protection Tube for Yag Laser, Sensors and Telecommunication.
Hovercraft Japan Japan Hover Craft for Water Sport and Rescue.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kullems USA GFCI for Generator & Connector for Computer
PiP Photonics, Inc. Japan Super LED, HOLORE-it!
Rebirth N51 Japan Solar panel clearing system, PAPPER 3 / SUN-SUI51
RF / DC power supply Repair and New Unit Japan RF Matching Network, Repair for RF Generator, ENI, RFPP, and etc,
Technovision, Inc. Japan Semiconductor process Equipment, DI Water Heater, and Mask Cleaner.
TORICO LTD Japan Repair Service for Electrical, Industrial components, Ball Screw and Power Supply.